A Baker's Guide to Apples


In A Baker's Guide to Apples, you'll discover types of apples that are new. You'll love making fall dessert recipes with this guide in mind!


  1. Posted by jjoannamcguire, — Reply

    Love this: very helpful seeing the different apples & their uses at a glance! I recently made the mistake of using Fuji apples I bought at a good price in an apple crisp: yes, save them for eating! Thank you for sharing! --Joanna

  2. Posted by helenroka0926, — Reply

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  3. Posted by Gaylienbitch, — Reply

    I tough there were only 2 kind of apples...

  4. Posted by crazydaisy05, — Reply

    Melontosh perfection on earth

  5. Posted by helenroka0926, — Reply


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